Is Custom Art Worth It? Insights from Matt Kaplinsky

June 30, 2020 at 6:00 AM
Turn to Matt kaplinsky for your custom art needs

Custom art creates a unique space in any home, office, place of business, or public space. When customers reach out for a custom Matt Kaplinsky piece, they’re looking for a defining fixture in their space—and that's exactly what they get.

But one of the most common questions asked is whether or not custom art is worth it? There’s no single definitive way to answer this question because the value of the painting varies between each person. But no matter your taste, choosing custom art is often worth the price, since the pieces you choose will create a unique, personalized style for your home or office.

Let’s dive deeper into what makes custom art worth it.

Why Custom Art is Worth It

If you want just any piece of art, it’s easy to walk into just about any big-box retailer and likely find a piece that would work for your living space or office. But if you take this approach, you’re not going to find a piece that is uniquely you.

Mass-produced art is just that: art that is produced for mass consumption and appeals to the general public. Ultimately, if you’re looking for original pieces that speak to you, you’re probably not going to find it tucked among dozens of duplicates.

Beyond uniqueness, you’re not likely to find as high a quality of painting at major retailers; it’s not possible to replicate an original painting at the scale and distribution to accommodate a hypothetical demand.

When you buy custom art from independent artists, you can trust that they are using higher quality materials than you’ll find at large stores. Independent artists understand that the materials they use contribute to the piece’s overall quality, and are more invested in choosing the best materials to create a unique piece. This applies to paints, canvases, and any other essential materials. Your choice to hire an independent painter for unique art helps that artist select only the best materials to deliver a quality final product.

Make a Lasting Impression with Your Custom Art

Commissioning a custom piece of art made with the finest materials not only helps your artist create a quality piece but also ensures you’re receiving a piece that is one of a kind. If your artist is creating a piece designed to your specifications, you can rest assured that no one else will have a copy of your piece hanging in your home. While many artists may create editions of your piece, the original may appreciate in value over time, giving you not only a custom piece, but a potential return on your investment.

When you choose custom art from an independent creator, you’re also giving them the freedom to apply their unique talents to give you a truly unique piece—something that mass-produced prints can’t offer.

While you’re sure to pay more for your custom piece than you would for a more common piece found at big-box stores, you should have peace of mind that the quality of materials and uniqueness of the piece will be the best it can be. Independent artists take the time and care needed to create high-quality pieces that are made to last.

Trust Matt Kaplinsky for Your Custom Art

Whether you’re looking for a custom portrait, landscape painting, or architecture, Matt Kaplinsky can deliver it to your exact specifications while maintaining his unique touch. After all, isn’t that what you want in a custom art piece?

With more than three decades of experience, Matt has delivered countless custom pieces to satisfied clients all over. If you’d like a custom piece or learn more about Matt’s custom pieces, reach out today and find out how to get the unique art to make your space truly your own.